How long is my hair?

If you can’t get your hair into a hair tie, it’s safe to call it short.

Medium length hair is usually dancing around your shoulders while long hair hangs out with the bottoms of your shoulder blades.

If you know what it is to have your hair caught around your arms, then you already know your hair is extra long!



If you’re looking for a big change, or just to find out what’s possible, book in for a consultation.

Making a game plan and going over options prior, is essential in making sure we can achieve your goals and provide an accurate quote.

Consultations are 20 minutes and $30. This is credited into your first appointment.


Things can get overwhelming sometimes. If your hair got lost on the to do list, de-matting is available at $120 per hour.

You can book online here, or send an email to

Should I wash my hair first?

Hair cuts-

It doesn’t matter either way! It will be washed at the beginning of your service.

Colour Services-

Try not to have more than 2-3 days worth of build up. Also, try avoid washing your hair on the day of your appointment.